Fist Pump Friday: Going the Extra Mile.

This weeks fist pump goes out to Nacy Blomquist, Joe Jones, and Ray Lewis.

  • Nancy Blomquist, age 60, finished 6th in the Nation for accumulating a total of 516.5 swum miles in 2011. Way to go, Nancy. <related article>

I just kept working at it and working at it,” Blomquist said. “But 90 percent of this is just showing up. You just gotta keep showing up.

  • Joe Jones, an avid 55 year old swimmer, uploaded the 100th Million yard to the Swimsence Training Log.  Congratulations, Joe. <related article>

  • How you conduct yourself in the face of defeat says a lot about who you are. Ray Lewis tells us how to lose with class.

 ”Don’t ever drop your head when it comes to a loss, dawg.”


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