Recommended Reading: Push Ups, Shoulder IR, Core Stability,Golden Goggles

 Progressing the Push Up: Kevin Carr  The versatility of the push up allows for easy implementation into any dryland program. It’s execution on the other hand, isn’t always so straight forward. In this article, Coach Kevin Carr, outlines several fantastic progressions.

Shoulder Internal Rotation for Swimmers: Alan Phillips In this article, Alan Phillips sheds some light on the topic of shoulder IR with respect to;  swimming mechanics, injury, and training considerations. There are two parts. Read both.

How to fit Core Stability exercises into S&C programs: Eric Cressey.  This past weekend I had the privaledge to attend a seminar co-hosted by Eric Cressey and physical therapist – Mike Reinold, on the topic of  Functional Core Stability. This article mirrors much of the same methodology that was presented at the seminar. Be on the look out for Part 2.

Sayco Athlete receives Golden Goggle Award. US Open water stud, Alex Meyer, was awarded the Break Out Performer of the Year award at the recent Ceremonies in Los Angeles. Below is a video of the nominees and Alex’s acceptance speech.