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Recommended Reading: Looking at Lactate

Easing back into the blogosphere after a major hiatus. Taking the easy way by offering some recommended reading. Just the other day I had an athlete ask: “Hey Tad, Why do my muscles get sore after a practice? Like, I … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Push Ups, Shoulder IR, Core Stability,Golden Goggles

 Progressing the Push Up: Kevin Carr  The versatility of the push up allows for easy implementation into any dryland program. It’s execution on the other hand, isn’t always so straight forward. In this article, Coach Kevin Carr, outlines several fantastic progressions. Shoulder … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Power, Shoulder Muscles, Breathing, Hip Flexors, Vagen Videos

Heavy Lifting: Building Strength, Power Through Resistance Tools: Micheal J. Scott This recent article in Swimming World Magazine explores the topic of resistance and power training methodologies among several successful coaches. The majority of focus is on the implementation of  in-the-pool resistance training.  Coach Stager … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Core Stability, The Back Line, Shoulder Bones,Bosu, Alex Meyer

Core Stability vs Core Strength : Joe Heiler How strong is strong enough? Seriously, how many crunch various are needed to have a strong enough core for swimming? The “core” is much much smarter than simply having the capacity to … Continue reading

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