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Crossfit: My Swimmers. My Thoughts.

With the recent circulation of anti-Crossfit articles and the rise in discussion particularly pertaining to swimming,  I thought I would offer my perspective on the matter. I’m attempting to offer a clear distinction that the following considerations arose from the … Continue reading

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Fist Pump Friday: No Teddy Bear. No Medal.

  Today’s First Pump Friday goes out to Caeleb Dressel for his outstanding attitude, performances and NAG record at the USA Jr Nationals this week in Irvine, California. What more could I ask for? I don’t get a teddy bear or … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Looking at Lactate

Easing back into the blogosphere after a major hiatus. Taking the easy way by offering some recommended reading. Just the other day I had an athlete ask: “Hey Tad, Why do my muscles get sore after a practice? Like, I … Continue reading

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Swimmers: Exercises for improving Shoulder Durability

Today I want to share a few  exercises for improving the motor coordination and durability of a swimmer’s shoulder. While there is a lot more to a complete shoulder care program ( thoracic spine mobility, tissue quality, breathing, core stability … Continue reading

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Olympic Swimmer, Alex Meyer – dryland compilation video

At the conclusion of a recent video interview with Sports Illustrated –  Olympic 0pen water swimmer, Alex Meyer, proclaimed that he is clumsy on land. Either that video was taken a long time ago, or he was just being modest. Take a … Continue reading

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NBC Sports Broadcast – Alex Meyer Sports Illustrated

Premiers Tuesday July 24th 9pm ET

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Sports Illustrated Video, Meet Team USA: Alex Meyer

S.I. Interviews US Olympic Open Water Swimmer, Alex Meyer

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Swimmers: Eight strength training mistakes to avoid.

1. Over training the shoulders. It’s common for elite swimmers who compete year round to easily train in excess of 50,000 yds a week. With that comes an awful lot of overhead repetition. Needless to say, with high aerobic volumes and … Continue reading

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Fist Pump Friday: Going the Extra Mile.

This weeks fist pump goes out to Nacy Blomquist, Joe Jones, and Ray Lewis. Nancy Blomquist, age 60, finished 6th in the Nation for accumulating a total of 516.5 swum miles in 2011. Way to go, Nancy. <related article> I … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Push Ups, Shoulder IR, Core Stability,Golden Goggles

 Progressing the Push Up: Kevin Carr  The versatility of the push up allows for easy implementation into any dryland program. It’s execution on the other hand, isn’t always so straight forward. In this article, Coach Kevin Carr, outlines several fantastic progressions. Shoulder … Continue reading

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Fist Pump Friday: U.S. Masters Swimming

This weeks fist pump goes out to the  Masters Swimming Community. In an unforgiving sport where you have to diligently work for every inch gained, there clearly are no shortcuts, No hand outs, No freebies - It’s  inspiring to see so many individuals continuously striving to learn, train, … Continue reading

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Swimmers: Improve your streamline with this core exercise!

Today I would like to share a non traditional core exercise that can have positive effects on the streamline. No. It’s not the Ab Circle Pro. Although, I will admit, it does look fun. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! The exercise is the 1/2 Kneeling Anti Extension Press.  I … Continue reading

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Fist Pump Friday: Brunelli Sets World Record!

This weeks Fist Pump goes out to Nick Bruinelli for setting a new Masters Swimming World Record in the 50 SCM Freestyle. His time of 21.98 beat out the previous record of 22.13 set back in 2009. Read the press release from Swimming World … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Power, Shoulder Muscles, Breathing, Hip Flexors, Vagen Videos

Heavy Lifting: Building Strength, Power Through Resistance Tools: Micheal J. Scott This recent article in Swimming World Magazine explores the topic of resistance and power training methodologies among several successful coaches. The majority of focus is on the implementation of  in-the-pool resistance training.  Coach Stager … Continue reading

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