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4 reasons for endurance swimmers to strength train.
Posted 162 days ago

I spent the past weekend on the shores of Castaic Lake at the US Open Water National Championships.  This was an entertaining, exciting, and well run event by Canyons Aquatic…

4 Reasons Endurance Swimmers Should Strength …
Video: Kettlebell Bottoms up wall slide
Posted 182 days ago

Check out this unique shoulder exercise for safely training motor control and scapular mechanics overhead.

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Crossfit: My Swimmers. My Thoughts.
Posted 425 days ago

With the recent circulation of anti-Crossfit articles and the rise in discussion particularly pertaining to swimming,  I thought I would offer my perspective on the matter. I'm attempting to offer…

Crossfit: My Swimmers. My Thoughts.
Recommended Reading
Posted 503 days ago

Easing back into the blogosphere after a major hiatus. Taking the easy way by offering some recommended reading.

Just the other day I had an athlete ask:
"Hey Tad, Why do my…

Recommended Reading: Looking at Lactate
Strength Exercises for Shoulder Durability
Posted 807 days ago

Today I want to share a few  exercises for improving the motor coordination and durability of a swimmer's shoulder. While there is a lot more to a complete shoulder care…

Swimmers:  Exercises for improving Shoulder D…
Olympic swimmer -Alex Meyer – dryland compilation video
Posted 852 days ago

At the conclusion of a recent video interview with Sports Illustrated -  Olympic 0pen water swimmer, Alex Meyer, proclaimed that he is clumsy on land.

Either that video was taken a long time…


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